Queeristan – The Queer Potential of the MEU

Sat, 14. Aug // 20:00, Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (Am Sandwerder 5, 14109 Berlin)

Live event

The speakers of this panel will discuss what exciting vision can queer people offer this new political entity, the MEU? What can we learn from the long history and challenges of queer perspectives In regard to structuring  completely new and different queer space, like the MEU? Would undermining structures like heterosexuality and marriage be similar to undermining structures like states and religion? In what way new models of kinship can establish new models of living in the world, and specifically, in a new middle eastern topography. Join us for the exciting conversation as well as to the artistic and inspiring live performance by the performing artist Liad Hussein Kantorowicz.



The event will be held in English.

Admission: 5/3 €

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