Grand Opening – The Middle East Union

Thu, 12. Aug // 20:00, BABYLON (Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30, 10178 Berlin)

Live event

A proclamation, a discussion and a concert.

After Martin Jankowski’s introduction, Hila Amit and Mati Shemoelof open the festival with a solemn proclamation of a Middle Eastern Union: a cultural vision of the future that would replace past and failed utopias in the region. But can such a union be taken seriously? And what use is this idea in artistic practice? This will be discussed by the guests of the opening panel:

This discussion will be followed by a concert by Sistanagila – an Iranian-Israeli music group from Berlin that virtuously combines melodies and rhythms of the region in their performance.

The event will be held in English with parts in German, Hebrew and Arabic (with translations).
Please bring a negative Corona-Schnelltest or a proof of vaccination and wear a FFP2 Mask.
Admission 5/3 € (Welcome drink during the registration at 7:30 pm included.) Box office on site. Advance booking online is strongly recommended!
The corona rules of the Berlin Senate apply (contact details will be collected upon admission, admission will only be granted to persons who can prove their vaccination or recovery or who have a valid, negative corona test and wear an FFP2 mask).

Photos: © Graham Hains