Declaration of the MEU – featuring Rasha Nahas & Band

Sun, 15. Aug // 20:00, Novilla (Hasselwerderstraße 22, 12439 Berlin)


The closing event will celebrate the confirmation of the Middle East Union and the signing of its legislative bill. Representatives of the union will read the bill, afterwards the delegates of each community will be invited to sign it. Poets of the union will share the stage and read poetry composed especially for the occasion. The event will mark the beginning of a new phase in middle eastern politics.


Rasha Nahas will be performing with her band from her new album “Desert” in addition to a couple of songs in Arabic.
Desert Album description: 
“‘Desert’ for me, captures very specific moments of when things rise from the depth to the surface, like tiny floods. I feel that the album is a collage of a journey, from Palestine to Germany, from the personal to the political and back. ‘Desert’ represents both the emptiness of the void and the complexity in between. ‘Desert’ is the journey, the thirst, the solitude, the community, the mirage, the encounters on the way, the baggage, the feelings of longing, and the idea of belonging to yourself or to something bigger.

Most of the songs on the album were written during the first weeks after I arrived in Berlin, while some were written in Haifa, in my old apartment. I wrote one in the shade of a tree by the Euphrates, in moments filled with feelings of arrival and departure, distortion and clarity, doubt and certainty.While recording, we wanted to keep that live feeling to the songs, of something unfixed, dynamic, performative, raw. It’s rock – theatrical, intimate, with distorted metaphors and scenes wrapped in lucid lyrics. It’s a journey, and it’s a desert.”

The event will be held in English – with a reading in German, Hebrew, Kurdish, English and Arabic.

Tickets only box office: 5/3 €