Multilingual Literature Festival (German, English, Arabic, Hebrew)
Berlin, Thursday 12 to Sunday 15 August 2021

All events are open to the public.
Tickets (unless otherwise noted on the respective event page) at the box office! Addresses of the venues see LOCATIONS.
Please note the information about live or digital: Information on whether and how the audience is allowed on site can be found on the program pages of the respective event! For individual events, pre-registration or on-site registration is required – see program. If the pandemic rules restrict the planned audience participation, the event will be streamed live here on this website.

Curators: Hila Amit, Mati Shemoelof, Alaa Obeid (
Project Management: Martin Jankowski (
CEO: Lars Jongeblod (
Press: Birger Hoyer (




Marleen Hitschold, Sarah Lee Beyer, Carla Mangold (interns)
Joey Bahlsen, Yossi Bartal, Chiara Schimpe (PR)
Simon von Krosigk (social media editor)
Lukas Friedrich, Elias Fritz (camera)
Graham Hains (photographer)
Jan Kossick (web programming)
Norman Sommer (audio)

We thank the teams from BABYLON, LCB and Novilla as well as the Synagoge am Fraenkelufer for their collegial support!


The Middle East Union Festival
Berlin Literarische Aktion e.V.

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A project of the Berlin Literarische Aktion e.V.,  curated by Hila Amit and Mati Shemoelof, funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfond.
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