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Maryam Abu Khaled

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Maryam Abu Khaled started acting when she was 15. She completed a training programme at the Freedom Theatre in the Palestinian refugee camp of Jenin. She has performed around Palestine, Europe, and the US. One of her recent projects is the documentary Art/Violence, inspired by the actor Juliano Mer-Khamis who was killed in 2011. She performed in The Situation, which was invited to the Theatertreffen 2016. The Piece was elected as play of the year (Stück des Jahres) 2016. Additionally she performs in Skelett eines Elefanten in der Wüste, Die Hamletmaschine and Elizaveta Bam. She worked with Ayham Majid Agha, Sebastian Nübling, Christian Weise and Suna Gürler.


Diverse Landscapes of Cinematography
Sat, 14. Aug // 18:00, Literarisches Colloquium Berlin / Digital