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Martin Jankowski

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(project director, his WELCOME speech to the M.E.U. festival: HERE) born in Greifswald in 1965, is a Berlin writer who belonged to the oppositional Leipzig scene in the 80s as a singer and songwriter and was subjected to “decomposition measures” by the Stasi. Although his lyrics were banned, his songs and poems became popular during the time of the Monday demonstrations. After 1989, he published numerous songs, four volumes of poetry, short stories, essay collections, literary criticism, art-related nonfiction, and a novel. >>

His texts have been translated into 17 languages and have received awards such as the Annual Prize for Literary Studies and Intellectual History (DVLG, 1998) and the Alfred Döblin Fellowship of the Academy of Arts (2006). Jankowski is a regular guest at international festivals and universities, directs various international cultural projects, and has hosted literary salons for many years. Since 2004, he has directed Berliner Literarische Aktion e.V., with which he realized the Jakarta Berlin Arts Festival in 2011 and the STADTSPRACHEN Festival of Berlin’s independent literary scene in 2016, among others. Since 2017, he has been project director of the international reading series PARATAXE and editor of the multilingual stadtsprachen magazin.

Rabet oder Das Verschwinden einer Himmelsrichtung. Roman. via verbis, München 1999.

Detik-Detik Indonesia. Gedichte. zweisprachig. Indonesiatera, Magelang, 2005.

Seifenblasenmaschine, Berliner Szenen. Erzählungen. Schwartzkopff Buchwerke, Hamburg 2005.

Der Tag, der Deutschland veränderte. Essay. Evangelische Verlagsanstalt, Leipzig 2007.

Sekundenbuch, gedichte & gesänge. Lyrik. Leipziger Literaturverlag, Leipzig 2012.

saskananas, gedichte & notate. Lyrik. Leipziger Literaturverlag, Leipzig 2015.



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