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Liad Hussein Kantorowicz

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Liad Hussein Kantorowicz is a performance artist, musician, activist, perpetual migrant, and master of the margins. Her performances de-exotify and de-mystify the positions of so-called sexual or political deviants. In them, the body as a tool of resistance, a platform to display vulnerabilies, and means of transgressing the boundaries of the public space. Her pre-corona performances has been presented at the Impulstanz Festival, the 10th Berlin Biennale, Schwules Museum Berlin, Athens Museum of Queer Arts AMOQA, Kampnagel Hamburg, Transmediale festival Berlin, Ljubljana’s City of Women, Berliner Festspiele, Arcola Theatre London, Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin, Kabareet in Haifa/Palestine and more, and in streets, alleyways, social centers and queer bars in Europe and Palestine-Israel. Her first short film NO DEMOCRACY HERE premiered at CPH:DOX and has been shown in over 30 festivals worldwide. Her performance-film MYTHICAL CREATURES will be featured at at the ICI London as a part of the Decriminalised Futures exhibition in 2022. Her single QUEER HEAVEN is out in August 19th and is released of her upcoming debut album NOTHING TO DECLARE. Liad is a spokesperson for sex workers’ rights and a founder of a Berlin’s peer project for migrant sex workers at Hydra e.V.


Queeristan – The Queer Potential of the MEU
Sat, 14. Aug // 20:00, Literarisches Colloquium Berlin