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Abdulkadir Musa

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Abdulkadir Musa is a poet , translator and and migration expert. He studied French Language and Literature at the University of Aleppo, and Social Work at ASH Berlin. 2020 he was co-lead in the project Û∞ – Berlîn. A Creative Anarchist Urban Refugee Chronicle. The literary-artistic project was supported by the Bezirkskulturfonds Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain, the Bezirkskulturfonds Neukölln, Dezentrale Kulturarbeit Reinickendorf and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. In 2019, his poetry collection خارج الحدیقة داخل السور Außerhalb des Garden inside the fence” (Aldarawesh, Plovdiv – Bulgaria) published in Arabic. 2018 he was a fellow of the program for authors of non-German literature of the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe in Berlin. In 2017, his Kurdish-English poetry Anthology “Kurdish Voices from Rojava” (Inner Child Press, Ltd. USA), in collaboration with Katarzyna Sala, was published.

His poetry collection Çengên te ez bi firê xistim “Your Wings Have Taught Me to Fly (Semakurd, Dubai, 2007 and 2013 AR – Istanbul), was published in Kurdish. His poems have been published in both Kurdish and Arabic and have been translated into other languages.

„Çengên te ez bi firê xistim“ (Kurdish). Poetry collection. Semakurd-Hiro, Dubai. Istanbul, 2007.
„Çengên te ez bi firê xistim“ (Kurdish). Poetry collection. 2nd Edition. AR Verlag, 2013.
خارج الحدیقة داخل السور „Außerhalb des Gartens innerhalb des Zaunes“. Poetry. 2019.
„Kurdish Voices from Rojava. A Kurdisch- Englisch Poetry Anthology“, Inner Child Press. 2017
„Eine künstlerisch-literarische experimentelle Text-Textil-Collagen-Anthologie“, with Marta Sala. 2020


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